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Civil Society: Egypt (Type: All Types (Links))

Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression [Arabic].
A group of activists and professionals working in a legal independent institution formed in 2005 foster and protect freedom of thought and expression.
Bibliotheca Alexandrina [English][Arabic][French].
The Bibliotheca Alexandrina aims to be a center of excellence in the production and dissemination of knowledge and to be a place of dialogue, learning and understanding between cultures and peoples.
Canadian International College [English].
The Canadian International College was established in 2004. It has school of Engineering and a school of Business.
Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services [English].
The Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services, started as a literacy project in 1950, is currently one of Egypt's largest development organizations. The organization provides integrated approaches to poor communities in areas of economic, agricultural and environmental development, health care, and education.
Egypt - Promoting the Rights of Women and Children Through Information  [Arabic].
The project of women's legal rights aims at eliminating Egyptian women's legal illiteracy through enabling them to obtain the necessary legal information on personal status laws relating to marriage, divorce, custody and alimony. The project targets rural and other women who did not receive sufficient education. It works on making these women aware of the role of "family courts" in resolving family disputes, as well as informing women of the new methods and concepts in this area.
Egypt Blog  [English].
Egypt State Information Service [English][Arabic][French].
Egyptian NGO Support Center [English][Arabic].
It is a membership-based NGO that provides organizational capacities building of Egyptian NGOs, legal consultation and information concerning consultants, associations and donors serving civil society.
Friedrich Eburt Stiftung Organization: Egypt Office [English].
Inspired by its general aims and concern about civil societal organizations within a governmental framework, the Friedrich Eburt Stiftung Organization (FES) started its cooperation with the Egyptian government in 1976 and established its office in Cairo in the same year. Presidential Decree 139/1976 and 80/1988 legalize the activities of FES Egypt.
Habi Center for Environmental Rights [English][Arabic].
Habi Center, established in 2001, works to inform citizens and civil society organizations on environmental issues and mechanisms to defend them. The Center provides current awareness on the importance of environmental laws and the need to legislate laws that protect the environment.
Information Portal [English][Arabic].
Kefaya [Arabic]. 2005
Kefaya (Enough) is a movement of Egyptian activists originally organized to protest President Moubarak’s running for a fifth term in office. Kefaya advocates the lifting of the 24-year-old state of emergency and campaigns against the prospect of President Moubarak’s son Mr. Gamal Mubarak succeeding his father as Egyptian president.
Mubarak Public Library [Arabic].
National Democratic Institute - Assistance Program to Egypt [English].
The NDI governance program in Egypt is directed at funding, training and technical assistance to the grass roots organizations in their efforts to develop civic education programs aimed at encouraging greater popular interest in the political processes.
New Civic Forum [English].
The New Civic Forum is a non-profit association which was founded in Cairo, Egypt, in March 1991 with the objective of promoting liberal reforms in the economic, political, and social fields aiming at promoting standard of living, genuine democracy, and social justice. The Forum seeks to achieve its objectives through lectures, research, seminars, conferences, and other means of communication.
NGO Service Center [English][Arabic].
A developmental activity aiming to increase the participation of citizens and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in development. The Center is sponsored by the Ministry of Insurance and Social Affairs (MISA) in Egypt and funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID).
Social Research Center [English].
The Social Research Center at the American University in Cairo conducts multidisciplinary social science research in Egypt and the Arab region and assists graduate students, scholars, and organizations engaged in social science research in the region.
The Egyptian Silent Majority  [English].
It is an Egyptian and Arabic blog concerned with all Egyptian affairs either social, sports or political affairs. 
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