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Human Rights: Iraq (Type: All Types (Links))

Association of Human Rights in Babil [Arabic].
The Association monitors the human rights violations in Iraq.
Babil Center for Human Rights and Civil Development [Arabic].
Education for Peace in Iraq Center [English].
Dedicated to improving humanitarian conditions in Iraq and defending the human rights of the Iraqi people, EPIC works toward these objectives through the education and involvement of Americans in a national dialogue about Iraq.
Human Rights Information Network in Iraq [Arabic].
The network is a central repository for human rights information and websites in Arabic throughout the Middle East and North Africa.
International Committee of the Red Cross in Iraq [English].
This page of the International Committee of the Red Cross website is in relation to the presence of the ICRC in Iraq. It features news, maps, photos and reports on the situation in Iraq.
International Humanitarian Law Research Initiative Monitoring in Iraq [English].
The IHL Research Initiative portal offers access to academic and policy-oriented research material related to International Humanitarian Law.
Iraq Body Count [English].
A non-profit organization reporting civilian deaths resulting from the war against Iraq in 2003.
Iraq Foundation: Human Rights Index [English].
Records incidents of state-sponsored human rights abuses based on reports from Iraqi and non-Iraqi sources.
Iraq: Amnesty International's Human Rights Concerns [English].
A sub-page of the American Section of Amnesty International offering news and reports on human rights in Iraq.
Iraqi Association for Defending the Rights of Journalists .
Works to protect and defend the rights of Journalist in Iraq.
Iraqi Human Rights Group [English][Arabic].
IRAG is an Organization established to study and deal with the issue of Human Rights in Iraq. The organization protects and defends the Iraqi people and refugees, and their rights while residing in the United Kingdom, EEC and other countries.
Iraqi Women's Rights Coalition .
The Coalition is a network of various women’s rights activists and organizations aiming to influence the policy-making of the new Government in Iraq and to ensure that women’s equal rights are secured and a secular constitution is established.
Kurdish Human Rights Project [English].
Promotes the human rights of all persons living throughout the Kurdish regions of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey and the former Soviet Union.
Organisation of Women's Freedom in Iraq [English][Arabic].
Works to defend women's rights in Iraq and calls for equal rights.
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