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Cultural Humanitarian Iraq of Future Organization [English][Arabic].
Independent High Electoral Commission [English][Arabic].
The IHEC is an independent body, set up and run using funds allocated in the Iraqi Budget. The Commission is tasked by law to prepare for and conduct elections in Iraq in accordance with the highest international electoral standards. It must be completely impartial and thoroughly professional in order to help ensure the credibility of the coming polls.
International Mission for Iraqi Elections [English]. 2005
With the support of the United Nations (UN) and the Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq (IECI), the International Mission for Iraqi Elections (IMIE) was formed in December 2004 to assess Iraq‘s electoral preparations, offer expertise and informed judgments, and contribute to electoral capacity in the course of Iraq‘s 2005 election cycle.
Iraqi Election Network [English][Arabic].
The Iraqi Election Network (EIN) is a non-governmental organization formed to coordinate activities pertaining to elections. The major focus of EIN is to promote the democratic process in general and promote free and fair elections in particular.
Kurdish Institute for Elections [English]. 2007
This Institute is a non – governmental independent organization that aims at raising the awareness of the Iraqi and Kurdistan people on the concept of election and democracy, in order to develop the legal system of elections and to enhance participation and civil society.
Sun Network for Monitoring Elections [Arabic]. 2004
Sun network for Monitoring Elections was founded in December 2004 by a group of Iraqi NGOs to monitor elections in Iraq.
Tammuz Organization for Social Development [English][Arabic]. 1997
UN Technical Assistance to the Iraqi Elections [English].
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