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Amman Business & Professional Women [English].
Was established in 1976 as a voluntary business association, one of the four associations that form the Jordanian Federation of Business and Professional Women, which is affiliated with the International Federation of Business and professional Women.
Arab Regional Resource Center on violence against woman 'Aman' [English][Arabic].
The primary objective of the resource center is be to contribute and enhance the ongoing activities of institutions and individuals currently working in the field of ending violence against women by providing supportive and informative services.
Arab Regional Resource Center on Violence Against Women [English].
AmmanJordan SIGI Program is one of Sisterhood Is Global Institute (SIGI) programs on combating violence against women. The programs include the human rights education program and training on combating violence against women and girls, a knowledge partnership program and cultural events program on subjects related to women issues.
Arab Women's Organization of Jordan [English].
Arab Women's Organization of Jordan (AWO) is a non-governmental organization that has been involved in the process of strengthening the status of Jordanian women to become equal and effective partners in development.
Empowering Women Migrant Workers in Jordan- Project [English][Arabic].
The project aims at improving the legal, social, and economic situation of migrant women workers in Jordan through a right-based approach that empowers women and strengthens the accountability mechanisms to support them.
Jordan - Arab Women Media Center [English][Arabic].
The Center carries out field media research that focuses on human rights and the rights of women and children. It also provides field media training to female graduates of media and journalism colleges. The training is based on technically advanced programs. In addition, the Center seeks to provide on the job training to Jordanian women in cooperation with specialized Arab organizations. The training covers topics like legal illiteracy, social and psychological counseling and the culture of human rights.
Mathlouma [English][Arabic].
An electronic website specifically designed to publish the results of a study carried out by the Information and Research Center in cooperation with Al-Mafraq Center for Development Studies and Research and the Jordanian Center for Social Research. The study was jointly financed by the European Union and the Information and Research Center. The aim of the study to liberate "honour" from the so-called Honour Crimes: a project for changing traditional patterns of thinking in Jordanian society.
National Commission for Women [English][Arabic].
JNCW is a semi-governmental commission that was established in 1992 to promote women's issues in Jordan. The commission represents the Kingdom of Jordan in all issues pertaining to women's affairs at national, regional, and international levels. Its mission is to support the mainstreaming of a gender-equality perspective in all policy areas, to improve the status of women and enhance their role in national development, to encourage the participation of women in economy, politics, and decision making, and to strengthen women's legal rights.
Princess Basma Women's Resource Centre [English].
The PBWRC was established after the Beijing conference on women, to act as a support mechanism for women's groups, linking grassroots and policy making bodies. The PBWRC, is currently compiling a database on research related to Jordanian women.
Queen Zein Al Sharaf Institute for Development [English][Arabic].
The Institute ZENID was established in 1994 to promote development by providing training and research to improve the skills of practitioners in Jordan and across the region. Through a human rights-based approach to development, ZENID encourages gender equity in all its activities, and advocates policy changes to bring lasting improvements to the lives of poor communities. The institute offers technical support and assistance to a variety of organizations and individuals, ranging from voluntary groups, NGOs, and governmental agencies, to women's organizations, students and youth.
Sisterhood Is Gloobal Institute [Arabic].
Sisterhood Is Global Institute/Jordan was founded as an independent non-governmental institution on the initiative of a number of Jordanian women. Its objectives include: Raising awareness among women on their fundamental rights which are enshrined in international human rights instruments, capacity-building and empowerment of women through training and educational programs, skills development for women, especially young leaders in local communities, as well as detecting, documenting and following up women's rights violations.
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