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Elections: Lebanon (Type: All Types (Links))

Civil Campaign for Electoral Reform [English][Arabic].
European Union Election Observation Mission to Lebanon 2009 [English][Arabic][French]. 2009
Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections [English][Arabic].
LADE aims to improve the Lebanese electoral system in compliance with international standards and reinforce the fair and democratic practice of parliamentary and municipal elections in Lebanon. Its basic goal is to increase voter awareness and commitment to their electoral rights and duties as well as to monitor elections and insure its fair application.
Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections - Monitoring the 2009 Elections [Arabic]. 2009
Lebanese Information Center [English].
The Lebanese Information Center (LIC) is an independent, non-profit Research Institute committed to providing information about Lebanon and its people for individuals and institutions.
Lebanese Parliamentary Monitor [Arabic].
This observatory collects information on the actions and activities of every Lebanese parliament member in the context of his parliamentary work since the year 2005, the date of the latest elections. It also aims at establishing a platform for dialogue on public policies and laws that were approved by the current Lebanese parliament.
Libanvote - Archive of Election Results [English].
Libanvote - Lebanese electoral data 1927-2000 [English].
Libanvote - Legislative Election Results, 2000 [English].
Ministry of Interior and Municipalities - General Directorate of Personal Status [Arabic].
The General Directorate of Personal Status is one of the General Directorates of the Lebanese Ministry of Interior and Municipalities. It deals with matters relating to nationality and population census and preparation of electoral lists and issuance of identity cards.
National Commission on Parliamentary Electoral Law [English][Arabic]. 2005
The National Commission on Parliamentary Electoral Law Reform was created by virtue of Decision no 58 dated 8 August 2005 of the Council of Ministers. The mission of the Commission is to propose means to reform the electoral system in Lebanon pursuant to the provisions of the ministerial statement by preparing a new Parliamentary Electoral draft law in accordance with the principles of the Constitution and the Taef Agreement. The aim of such a draft law is to achieve as much fair representation and equality between candidates and voters, as possible, and to provide the necessary conditions for free electoral competition and impartiality required for the administration of the electoral process by the competent authorities.
National Democratic Institute - Assistance Program to Lebanon [English].
The NDI governance program in Lebanon provides technical assistance to a domestic election monitoring organization.
The Supervisory Commission on the Election Campaign [English][Arabic][French].
This website provides information on parliamentary and municipal elections in Lebanon.
Website Covering the 2009 Parliamentary Elections [Arabic]. 2009
Website covering the 2009 parliamentary elections in Lebanon. Elections law, current parliament members, election lists, candidates and more.
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