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Civil Society: All Countries (Type: Organizations and Conferences)

Algeria - Center for Research on Applied Economy and Development [French].
The Center for Research in Applied Economy and Development's (Cread) is Algeria’s principal economic research institute. In recent year it has transitioned from being the instrument of a planned economy to driving market reform.
Bahrain - Bahrain - Journalists Association [English][Arabic].
Bahrain - Bahrain Center for Human Rights [English][Arabic]. 2002
The Bahrain Center for Human Rights is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization, registered with the Bahraini Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs since July 2002. The Center works to reinforce civil, political, social, cultural and economical rights.
Bahrain - Bahrain Center for Studies and Research [English][Arabic].
The Bahrain Center for Studies and Research conducts applied research, particularly of a contractual type, and offers consultancies to policy and decision makers in both the public and the private sectors.
Djibouti - AFRILINE Civil Society Directory [English].
Listing of Djibouti's civil society organizations from AFRILINE Civil Society Directory website.
Egypt - Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression [Arabic].
A group of activists and professionals working in a legal independent institution formed in 2005 foster and protect freedom of thought and expression.
Egypt - Egyptian NGO Support Center [English][Arabic].
It is a membership-based NGO that provides organizational capacities building of Egyptian NGOs, legal consultation and information concerning consultants, associations and donors serving civil society.
Egypt - Habi Center for Environmental Rights [English][Arabic].
Habi Center, established in 2001, works to inform citizens and civil society organizations on environmental issues and mechanisms to defend them. The Center provides current awareness on the importance of environmental laws and the need to legislate laws that protect the environment.
Egypt - Kefaya [Arabic]. 2005
Kefaya (Enough) is a movement of Egyptian activists originally organized to protest President Moubarak’s running for a fifth term in office. Kefaya advocates the lifting of the 24-year-old state of emergency and campaigns against the prospect of President Moubarak’s son Mr. Gamal Mubarak succeeding his father as Egyptian president.
Egypt - New Civic Forum [English].
The New Civic Forum is a non-profit association which was founded in Cairo, Egypt, in March 1991 with the objective of promoting liberal reforms in the economic, political, and social fields aiming at promoting standard of living, genuine democracy, and social justice. The Forum seeks to achieve its objectives through lectures, research, seminars, conferences, and other means of communication.
Iraq - Al Noor Universal Foundation [Arabic].
Iraq - Alforat for Development and Studies Center [Arabic].
Iraq - Cultural Humanitarian Iraq of Future Organization [English][Arabic].
Iraq - Iraq Analysis [English].
The Iraq Analysis Group aims to make it easier to find information about Iraq, and to advocate a policy that recognizes the special responsibility for the well-being of Iraqis since the American government's invasion of their country.
Iraq - Iraqi Freedom Congress [English][Arabic][French].
IFC works to curb the influence of all the players responsible for the political, economic, moral and cultural devastation of people’s lives in Iraq.
Iraq - Kurdish Institute for Elections [English]. 2007
This Institute is a non – governmental independent organization that aims at raising the awareness of the Iraqi and Kurdistan people on the concept of election and democracy, in order to develop the legal system of elections and to enhance participation and civil society.
Iraq - Sun Network for Monitoring Elections [Arabic]. 2004
Sun network for Monitoring Elections was founded in December 2004 by a group of Iraqi NGOs to monitor elections in Iraq.
Iraq - Tammuz Organization for Social Development [English][Arabic]. 1997
Jordan - Jordan - Jordanian Lawyers Union [Arabic].
Jordan - Jordan - Press Association [English][Arabic].
Kuwait - Kuwait - Journalists Association [English][Arabic].
Kuwait - Kuwait Bar Association [Arabic].
This web-site covers the association's main activities and resolutions. It also includes the addresses of its members, a summary of its background, the legal profession law and its latest amendments, the syndicate's charter of honor, the traditions and rules of conduct of the profession, the association's organic law, in addition to articles of "The Lawyer" journal published by the association.
Lebanon - Beirut Bar Association [English][Arabic][French].
Beirut Bar Association includes all mandatory registered lawyers on its syndicate register to whom the law has granted exclusive rights of proxy and argument at Lebanese courts, to uphold to justice by providing legal advice and to defend rights according to provisions of the law on regulating the legal profession No. 2/70 along with its amendments, and according to by-laws of the syndicate and to the rules of conduct of the legal profession.
Lebanon - [English][Arabic][French].
The independence uprising – the nationalist Lebanese opposition. This website offers a space for Lebanese-Lebanese, Lebanese-Arab Muslim-Christian, and Arab-Western dialogue.
Lebanon - Campaign for Good Governance in Lebanon [English].
An Internet-based initiative aimed at establishing good governance in Lebanon. CGGL encourages its members, and others who share its philosophy to participate in the effort to expose the corruption and other ills befalling the Lebanese government and society.
Lebanon - Lebanese NGO Forum [English].
The Forum coordinates the activities of Lebanese NGOs concerned primarily with relief and development (social, health, and educational) issues.
Lebanon - Rene Moawad Foundation [English][French].
The René Moawad Foundation is a non-profit and non-governmental organization. It aims to promote the social, economic, and rural development of Lebanon and contributes in building the civil society.
Lebanon - Tripoli Bar Association [English][Arabic][French].
This Web-site publishes the syndicate's activities, legal studies and resolutions.
Mauritania - Family Early Warning Systems Network’s Mauritania Center [English].
The Goal of the Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWS NET) is to strengthen the abilities of African countries and regional organizations to manage risk of food insecurity through the provision of timely and analytical early warning and vulnerability information. This page is dedicated to Mauritania.
Morocco - Institute for Contemporary Maghreb Research [Arabic][French].
The Institute for Contemporary Maghreb Research is attached to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It conducts research in social science and humanities that pertains to the Maghreb region.
Morocco - Morocco - National Trade Union of the Press [English][Arabic][French].
Morocco - Morocco 2020 [French].
The association Morocco 2020 is a reflection forum; it is a meeting place for the motivated members of civil society who want to be involved in debates of thoughts in an objective way.
Occupied Palestinian Territories - Al-Maqdese for Society Development [English][Arabic].
This is non-governmental organization that was established in Jerusalem by Palestinian academics, doctors, teachers and social activists. The organizations seeks to protect and maintain the rights of Palestinians in Jerusalem through raising awareness of their rights, protect these rights, and monitor-document and publicize the Israeli violations against Palestiniansط rights.
Occupied Palestinian Territories - Electronic Intifada [English].
Is a focused network of pro-Palestinian activists with a history of Internet and media activism. The project aims to focus on just one aspect of the struggle, the war in the media for a representation of the Palestinian point of view and countering the distortion from the Israeli media war machine.
Occupied Palestinian Territories - Institute for Palestine Studies [English][Arabic][French].
The Institute for Palestine Studies is an independent, non-profit Arab research organization, which is not affiliated with any political organization or government. The Institute is devoted to a better understanding of the question of Palestine.
Occupied Palestinian Territories - Mossawa Center - Advisory Center for Arab Citizens in Israel  [Arabic].
Mossawa (Equality) Center was founded in 1998 as a joint project by Arab associations and "shteel" organization with the aim of influencing government policy and increasing the participation of Arab masses in legal and political debates.
Occupied Palestinian Territories - NGO Monitor [English][French].
Its aim is to generate and distribute critical analysis and reports on the output of the international NGO community for the benefit of government policy makers, journalists, philanthropic organizations and the general public. The NGO Monitor intends to publicize distortions of human rights issues in the Arab-Israeli conflict and provide information and context for the benefit of NGOs working in the Middle East.
Occupied Palestinian Territories - Palestinian NGO Network [English][Arabic].
The Network is a civil and democratic body, which seeks to support and strengthen the Palestinian civil society on the basis of the principles of democracy, social justice and sustainable development. It also envisages the establishment of an independent and democratic Palestinian state based on the rule of law, social justice and the respect for human rights
Occupied Palestinian Territories - Palestinian Return Center [English][Arabic].
The Palestinian Return Centre is an independent academic/media consultancy founded and registered in the United Kingdom. It specializes in research, and monitors issues pertaining to the dispersed Palestinians and their right to return. It also deals with other related aspects of the Palestine Question and the Arab-Israeli conflict.
Occupied Palestinian Territories - TREND - Union of Arab Civil Organizations [English][Arabic].
The Union of Arab Civil Organizations was officially established in 1997 as a comprehensive framework for Palestinian civil society in the occupied territories, and as a part of Palestinian and Arab civil society. It is also affiliated with the international civil society.
Qatar - Permanent Committee for Organizing Conferences [English].
Sudan - Center for the Advancement of Democratic Awareness in Sudan [English].
CADAIS is an independent organization dedicated to fostering democracy, human rights, and civil liberties.
Sudan - Darfur Information Center [English].
Provides news about the current events in Darfur, and general information about its history and promotes peaceful co-existence between various ethnic groups of Darfur.
Sudan - Sudan Peace and Democracy Watch - Enough Project [English].
Syria - Arab Ba’th Socialist Party [English][Arabic][French].
Syria - Lawyers Syndicate - Damascus Chapter [Arabic].
This web-site publishes the most important and most recent laws, legislation, decrees and judicial interpretation.
Syria - Syria: Arab States Broadcasting Union [English][Arabic].
The Arab Center for Radio and Television Exchange was established in 1978. It is one of the permanent agencies of the Arab States Broadcasting Union located in Damascus. The Center has two objectives: to develop the training systems of radio and television broadcasting to make compatible with the fast advances in audio-visuals at the international level. Second, it aims at building the human resources that can carry out the training of Arab broadcasting staff.
Syria - Syrian Women [Arabic].
Syrian Women Website is a free observatory concerned with societal issues in Syria. It seeks to stir national dialogue on various societal issues from a social rather than a political perspective in spite of the interactive nature of both perspectives. The observatory does not impose any restriction on opinions and views received by or published on its website.
Tunisia - AssociaNet [French].
An official Tunisian NGO network that provides address information of the various NGOs working on Environment and Sustainable Development and links to a few pilot NGO sites.
Tunisia - Observatory for the Freedom of Press, Publishing and Creation in Tunisia [English][Arabic][French].
The Observatory for the Freedom of Press (OLPEC) works on alerting the public about burgeoning acts of censorship that are striking the Tunisian and foreign press in Tunisia.
Tunisia - Tunisia - African Centre for Training of Journalists and Communicators [English][Arabic][French].
A public Tunisian institution administratively subjected to the supervision of the Ministry of Communications. It also reports to the parliament and to the Council of Councilors. The Center seeks to develop the national media sector and to improve its services and performance. It is also responsible for training and qualifying journalist and communicators in traditional and modern media and communications skills.
United Arab Emirates - UAE - Jounalists Association [Arabic].
Yemen - Yemen: Media Communication Training & Qualifying Institute [English][Arabic].
A specialized scientific institution that attends to training and qualifying media personnel in Yemen, whether they work for public or private media agencies. The institute benefits from the field research it carries out in the area of mass communications, using research outcomes in its training.
Yemen - Yemeni Observatory for Human Rights [Arabic].
Arab Countries - Arab NGO Network for Development [English][Arabic].
ANND is a democratic, voluntary, civil, independent, non-sectarian, and non-religious organization consisting of Arab NGOs and national networks active in the fields of social development, human rights, gender, and the environment.
Arab Countries - Arab Press Freedom Watch [English][Arabic].
APFW documents the events and incidents that violate the freedom and independence of the press in the Arab world, publishes information about these incidents and liaises with the authorities concerned to correct the conditions that lead to the incidents.
Arab Countries - Arab Social Science Research [English][Arabic].
Arab Social Science Research (ASSR) is the network engine of the Arab Institute for Studies and Communication (AISC). This web site of ASSR provides a platform for the AISC's centers and pools resources designed to facilitate social science research in the region.
Arab Countries - Arab Thought Foundation [English][Arabic].
The Arab Thought Foundation is an independent, international, non governmental institution. It is a solidarity initiative between the business community and the intellectuals to promote the attachment to the Arab core values through a responsible freedom. Dedicated to all domains of knowledge, science, medicine, management, information and literature, the Foundation channels intellectual and cultural efforts to promote the attainment of the Arab world solidarity, its advancement and the preservation of its identity.
Arab Countries - Center for Defending Freedom of Journalists [English][Arabic].
The Center for Defending Freedom of Journalists (CDFJ) is a non-profit non-government organization that seeks to defend the freedom and safety of journalists, improve their skills and empower their access to information. It also seeks to contribute to the amendment and development of the legislations related to freedom of media.
Arab Countries - International Research and Exchanges Board: IREX in the Middle East and North Africa [English].
IREX (the International Research & Exchanges Board) is an international nonprofit organization specializing in education, independent media, Internet development, and civil society programs in the United States, Europe, Eurasia, the Middle East and North Africa, and Asia. IREX activities in the Middle East and North Africa support academic and professional research provide study and internship opportunities for professional businesswomen in the region, foster the development of civil society and professional media, and support basic, secondary, and graduate educational development.
Arab Countries - NGO Center for Excellence [Arabic].
An information service to non-governmental organizations operating in the Arab countries. NGOCE publishes NGO newsletter, focused research and translations and news.
Arab Countries - Second Forum on Democracy and Political Reform in the Arab World [English][Arabic]. 2007
Arab Countries - The Initiative for an Open Arab Internet [English][Arabic].
The Initiative For an Open Arab Internet is an initiative by the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (Anhri) advocating free use of the Internet without censorship, blocking or spying. In this context, the initiative seeks to provide international and Arab information and internet related documents. The initiative also defends internet users, web-designers, and writers by organising legal and media campaigns and highlighting practices restricting Internet freedom.
International - CIVICUS - World Alliance for Citizen Participation [English].
CIVICUS is an international alliance dedicated to strengthening citizen action and civil society throughout the world through voluntary initiative, philanthropy, and community service. CIVICUS members include donor organizations, individual associates and citizen organizations.
International - Civil Society International [English].
Civil Society International (CSI) assists independent organizations working for democracy and civil society in countries closed, or inhospitable to these principles.
International - Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America [English].
The Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America is a media-monitoring, research and membership organization devoted to promoting accurate and balanced coverage of Israel and the Middle East.
International - Development Initiative [English].
International - Directory of Development Organizations [English].
The Directory of Development Organizations, listing 47.500 development organizations, has been prepared to facilitate international cooperation and knowledge sharing in development work, both among civil society organizations, research institutions, governments and the private sector.
International - Global Policy Forum - NGOs [English].
The page links to information and analysis about NGOs at the UN and in global policy-making more broadly, it provides access to information and key documents on NGOs - highlighting their growing importance, their diversity, their strengths and weaknesses.
International - Institute of Development Studies [English].
The Institute of Development Studies is one of the world's leading organizations for research, teaching and communications on international development. Its purpose is to understand and explain the world, and to try to change it – to influence as well as to inform.
International - Institute on Governance [English].
An independent, neutral organization, the IOG works with a wide range of clients and partners, including governments, communities, business and public organizations, to assess their governance and to develop programs for improvemen. IOG work extensively with international partners and governments.
International - International Center for Not-for-Profit Law [English].
ICNL is an international organization that facilitates and supports the development of civil society and the freedom of association. Its purpose is to assist the creation and improvement of laws and regulatory systems that permit, encourage, and regulate voluntary, independent, not-for-profit organizations ("NPOs") in countries around the world. ICNL has assisted in the development of new laws governing NPOs in West Bank /Gaza and Yemen under a contract with the World Bank, and in Egypt, under a contract with USAID. Recent activities have included helping the Arab Network of NPOs (Shabaka) with its regional study of NPO legislation and the development of a model law for the region as well as discussion with local professionals of law drafts in Jordan, Egypt, and Morocco.
International - International Freedom of Expression Exchange "IFEX" [English][Arabic][French].
An Non-governmental organization working to defend the right to freedom of expression around the world.
International - Musawah [English][Arabic][French].
Musawah was initiated in March 2007 by Sisters in Islam, a Malaysian non-governmental organisation that is committed to promoting the rights of women within the framework of Islam, and a 12-member international planning committee of activists and scholars from 11 countries. The committee came together to consolidate information, experiences, and ideas that have been used by NGOs and activists in countries around the world to advance equality in the family. Women’s groups have been conducting these advocacy efforts for decades.
International - National Endowment for Democracy  [English].
NED is a private, non-profit organization that aims to strengthen democratic institutions around the world through nongovernmental efforts. NED works for the development of universal democratic institutions, procedures, and values. 
International - Panos Paris Institute [English][French].
The Panos Paris Institute was established in 1986 as a non governmental organization focusing on giving support to Media pluralism in Central Africa, the Maghreb and the Mediterranean regions.
International - Reform and Democracy [English].
Coverage of Arab Reforms news from Al-Bab.COM Arab gateway.
International - Reporters Without Borders [English][Arabic][French].
Reporters Without Borders defends journalists and media assistants imprisoned or persecuted for doing their job and exposes the mistreatment and torture of them in many countries. It fights against censorship and laws that undermine press freedom and gives financial aid each year to 100 or so journalists or media outlets in difficulty (to pay for lawyers, medical care and equipment) as well to the families of imprisoned journalists. And works to improve the safety of journalists, especially those reporting in war zones.
International - The International Budget Partnership [English]. 2003
The International Budget Partnership collaborates with civil society around the world to use budget analysis and advocacy as a tool to improve effective governance and reduce poverty
International - Third World Institute [English].
The Third World Institute (ITeM) performs information, communication and education activities on an international level, concerning development and environment-related activities. It is a civil society organization, working for civil society, which encourages citizen involvement in global decision-making processes.
International - World Association of Newspapers [English].
The World Association of newspapers (WAN) is a non-profit, non-government organization that was founded in 1948. Its objectives are to defend and promote press freedom and the economic independence of newspapers as an essential condition for that freedom. 
International - World Bank and Civil Society [English].
The website is intended to keep the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and civil society groups informed about the World Bank's civil-society related policies, publications and activities. The Bank recognizes the important role that NGOs and civil society groups play in meeting the challenges of development and welcomes the opportunity to work with them.
UN Agencies - Alliance for Arab Women [English][Arabic].
The Alliance for Arab Women is a non-government organization that works in partnership with a network of NGOs and other organizations from the Arab countries to promote women through influencing policies and legislations and providing services and programs that offer them security and safety.
Middle East - Hands Across the Mideast Support Alliance  [English].
HAMSA is a project of the American Islamic Congress, a non-profit organization established in the wake of the September 11 attacks to promote interfaith and inter-ethnic understanding. 
Middle East - Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy [English].
The Institute for Research Middle Eastern Policy (Irmep) is an independent, non-profit think tank working to define, communicate and promote America’s true interests in the Middle East. Irmep’s activities focus on research, publications, educational events and study tour programs to the Middle East.
Middle East - Middle East Research and Information Project [English].
MERIP is a Washington-based independent, non-profit non-governmental organization that seeks to educate and inform the public about the contemporary Middle East.
Euro-Med - FRIDE - European Think Tank for Global Action [English].
FRIDE concentrates its work ts core research interests of peace and security, human rights, democracy promotion, and development and humanitarian aid.
Euro-Med - Social Justice in Development [English].
A non-governmental organization active in the field of international solidarity and development. DIA supports a number of development projects - infrastructures rehabilitation, support of civil society, social, cultural and youth programs in Lebanon, Morocco and Yemen
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Lebanon - Prime Minister Decision 157/2011 to establish the technical anti-corruption committee [Arabic]
Yemen - High Authority forTender Control [English][Arabic]
Qatar - National Committee for Integrity and Transparency
Morocco - Ministry for Public Sector Modernization [English][Arabic]