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Algeria - Legislative Elections, 2002 [Arabic][French]. 2002
The page provides access to the election law and updates and electoral districting that governed the Electoral System in Algeria's 2002 legislative elections.
Bahrain - Directorate of Elections and Referendum [English][Arabic].
Egypt - Minia Online [Arabic]. 2005
Minia Online is the city of Minia's electoral portal promoting the Muslim Brotherhood's participation in the Egyptian Legislative elections for 2005.
Egypt - Shayfeenkom [Arabic]. 2005
Shayfeenkom is a civil movement with a mission to monitor the Egyptian legislative elections and guarantee that the electoral process is honest and free of all falsification and corruption.
Iraq - Cultural Humanitarian Iraq of Future Organization [English][Arabic].
Iraq - Iraqi Election Network [English][Arabic].
The Iraqi Election Network (EIN) is a non-governmental organization formed to coordinate activities pertaining to elections. The major focus of EIN is to promote the democratic process in general and promote free and fair elections in particular.
Iraq - Kurdish Institute for Elections [English]. 2007
This Institute is a non – governmental independent organization that aims at raising the awareness of the Iraqi and Kurdistan people on the concept of election and democracy, in order to develop the legal system of elections and to enhance participation and civil society.
Iraq - Sun Network for Monitoring Elections [Arabic]. 2004
Sun network for Monitoring Elections was founded in December 2004 by a group of Iraqi NGOs to monitor elections in Iraq.
Iraq - Tammuz Organization for Social Development [English][Arabic]. 1997
Jordan - Results of the 2007 Municipal Elections in Jordan [English].
This page provides detailed results of the Jordanian municipal elections held on 31 July 2007.
Kuwait - The Elections of the National Assembly in Kuwait [Arabic]. 2009
This Website provides information on Elections in Kuwait.
Lebanon - Civil Campaign for Electoral Reform [English][Arabic].
Lebanon - Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections [English][Arabic].
LADE aims to improve the Lebanese electoral system in compliance with international standards and reinforce the fair and democratic practice of parliamentary and municipal elections in Lebanon. Its basic goal is to increase voter awareness and commitment to their electoral rights and duties as well as to monitor elections and insure its fair application.
Lebanon - Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections - Monitoring the 2009 Elections [Arabic]. 2009
Lebanon - Lebanese Parliamentary Monitor [Arabic].
This observatory collects information on the actions and activities of every Lebanese parliament member in the context of his parliamentary work since the year 2005, the date of the latest elections. It also aims at establishing a platform for dialogue on public policies and laws that were approved by the current Lebanese parliament.
Morocco - Website for the 2009 Communal Elections in Morocco [Arabic][French]. 2009
This website provides information on the 2009 communal elections in Morocco.
Saudi Arabia - Saudi Elections [English][Arabic].
A non-government organization that provides information on the Saudi municipal election processes, the candidates, election results and the issues at stake. The website provides access to the Saudi law of municipal elections.
Arab Countries - Arab Election Watch [English][Arabic].
The Network was established by the Jordanian center for human rights studies in 2006. Arab Elections watch follows elections, observes procedures, and facts in the Arab world.
Arab Countries - Arab Elections Watch [English][Arabic].
This network aims at strengthening the understanding of the democratic principles of the municipal, parliamentary, and presidential elections. The function of the network is to monitor, follow up and watch the processes and facts pertaining to the elections in the Arab World.
Arab Countries - MENA Election Guide [English].
Website of MENA Election Guide on elections and democratization in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). It includes detailed information on elections and election processes in each country in the MENA region. The website also contains a section on reform initiatives.
Arab Countries - Network of Arab Liberals [Arabic].
This network was established by Liberal Arab political parties and individuals who are committed to the principles of freedom, responsibility, pluralism, tolerance, market economy, a civil state and who emphasize separating religion from politics. The network helps its members in supporting Liberal reforms that aim to secure a better life in an Arab world that enjoys freedom and prosperity. The network also supports the efforts of its members directed at attaining a larger margin of democracy, and to conduct free and fair elections to overcome authoritarian and corrupt behaviors and practices.
International - Administration and Cost of Elections (ACE) Electoral Knowledge Network [English][Arabic][French]. 1999
The Administration and Cost of Elections (ACE) represents the first-ever attempt to provide a globally accessible information resource on election administration. It provides user-friendly, operationally oriented information on options, detailed procedures, alternative solutions and the administrative and cost implications associated with organizing elections.
International - Alliance for Better Campaigns [English].
This is an American public interest group that seeks to improve elections by promoting more informative political campaigns, free broadcast air time for candidates and other reforms that reduce the cost and increase the flow of information and participation.
International - Election Guide [English].
The Election Guide reports on all national-level presidential and legislative elections as well as on important national referenda with occasional coverage of local, municipal, mayoral elections.
International - International Foundation for Electoral Systems [English].
IFES provides professional advice and technical assistance in promoting democracy and serves as an information clearinghouse on democratic development. In addition to its comprehensive work in election support, IFES programming extend to governance, rule of law, civil society.
International - International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance [English].
IDEA was established to promote sustainable democracy worldwide. IDEA is mandated to engage in a wide variety of activities designed to advance democracy and to improve the quality of democratic governance, nationally and internationally.
International - International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance: Electoral Issues Publications [English].
The web site provides access to the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance's (IDEA) publications, handbooks, country-specific reports, electoral issues, forums and conference reports, annual reports and newsletters.
Middle East - MENA Election Guide [English].
The MENA (Middle East and North Africa) Election Guide is a service of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung's Regional Program Near East / Mediterranean - Amman office. This tool is a source of information and analysis about elections held in MENA countries in order to monitor the electoral and democratic processes under way in the region. Therefore, we provide a continuously updated collection of articles by Arab and international media as well as analysis and reports from different backgrounds.
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Lebanon - Prime Minister Decision 157/2011 to establish the technical anti-corruption committee [Arabic]
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Qatar - National Committee for Integrity and Transparency
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