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Egypt - Center for Egyptian Women's Legal Assistance (CEWLA foundation) [Arabic].
CEWLA is a non-governmental organization established in 1995 with the aim of providing legal assistance to Egyptian women. CEWLA derives its competence from the Egyptian constitution and laws, as well as from international human rights conventions. Moreover, CEWLA strives to provide Egyptian women with the skills and capabilities that enable them to lead a normal life and overcome their problems.
Lebanon - CRTDA - Majal newsletter [Arabic].
MAJAL- electronic newsletter monitoring Non-Governmental Organizations in Lebanon. Majal is issued by the information unit of the Collective for Research and Training on Development - ACTION (CRTDA).
Lebanon - Institute for Women’s Studies in the Arab World [English].
The institute aims to engage in academic research aimed at the study and support of women's issues and children's conditions in the Arab World, to serve as a data bank and resource center on subjects pertaining to Arab women and children and to serve as a catalyst for policy changes regarding the rights of women and children in the Arab World.
Lebanon - Lebanon Observatory and International Trade [Arabic]. 2009
Gender and Trade e-Newsletter published by the Collective for Research and Training on Development-Action.
Yemen - Women Affairs Support Center .
WASC was founded by Yemeni human rights activists following the Yemeni conference on violence against women, which was held in Sana'a in 1998. Its main goals are to strengthen the social, economic and political role of Yemeni women, and raise general public awareness on gender and women issues. .
Arab Countries - Gender and Development e-Brief [English].
This electronic newsletter is published by CRTDA - Collective for Research & Training on Development - Action. The newsletter receives material from various regional and international sources for its publication.
Arab Countries - Jordanian Center for Social Research [English][Arabic]. 1998
The Jordan Center for Social Research (JCSR) is an independent and not-for-profit institution. The Center aims at fostering and promoting scientific knowledge on various aspects of the Jordanian and MENA region. Its main areas of interest are: Social inequality, Poverty and Unemployment, Gender Inequality, and Violence against women and children.
Arab Countries - United Nations - Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia - ESCWA Centre for Women [English][Arabic].
The center's work is specifically directed at improving the status of women and empowering them economically, socially and politically. The main objectives of the Unit are, (a) to follow up on the gender-related recommendations that emanated from the United Nations global conferences and summits; and (b) to provide support to the family as a basic unit of society and underscore family-related roles, values and identity.
International - African Gender Institute [English].
AGI, located at the University of Cape Town, contributes to gender justice through the strengthening and advancing the work of intellectuals, researchers, policy-makers and practitioners committed to the attainment of gender equity.
International - Australian Centre for Leadership of Women [English].
Website of the Australian Centre for Leadership for Women. The website was launched in the year 2000 to empower women to believe in their strengths and leadership qualities. It includes sections on gender balance, leadership theory and practice, and women on boards.
International - Institute for Women's Leadership [English].
Website of the Institute for Women's Leadership, a consortium of teaching, research, and public service units at the women's college at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. The institute is dedicated to examining leadership issues and advancing women's leadership in all areas of public life, locally, nationally, and globally. The website includes numerous publications and research projects on women leadership.
International - Institute for Women's Policy Research [English].
Website of the Institute for Women's Policy Research. The institute conducts research on poverty and welfare, employment and earnings, work and family, and women's civic and political participation. Research findings are disseminated to policy makers, scholars, and policy interest groups to illuminate economic and social policy affecting women and families.
International - International Knowledge Network of Women in Politics E-Newsletter [English].
Middle East - Middle East Women's Studies Review [English].
MEWS is a quarterly publication, which critiques the literature in the field, reviews films, provides a forum for the discussion of current issues.
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