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Egypt - Maat for Judicial and Constitutional Studies [English][Arabic].
Maat for Juridicial and Constitutional Studies aims to raise legal awareness, develop young Egyptian lawyers capacities and encourage the latter to participate in public life, as well as develop and enhance relevant laws.
Egypt - National Council of Women [English][Arabic].
The Council was established in 2000 by the Presidential Decree No.90 as an autonomous entity with the purpose of advancing the status women in Egypt. The Council runs programmes and projects on women's political empowerment, focusing on Egyptian women in parliament advocacy efforts in the area of legislation, follow up on the implementation of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), and a programme on Egyptian women in parliament. The website also includes a publications section and is provided in both English and Arabic.
Jordan - Sisterhood Is Global Institute/Jordan [English].
Website of Sisterhood Is Global Institute/Jordan, a non-profit organization established by a group of Jordanian women in 1998. The initiative is based on the vision and conviction that women issues are society's issues, and that women are main partners in facing challenges and building the future. The organization aims to reinforce and spread women rights, eliminate all forms of violence against women, create solidarity among women, build the capacities and develop the skills and knowledge of women, and encourage women participation in decision making and in the public, political and civil domains.
Jordan - Sisterhood Is Gloobal Institute [Arabic].
Sisterhood Is Global Institute/Jordan was founded as an independent non-governmental institution on the initiative of a number of Jordanian women. Its objectives include: Raising awareness among women on their fundamental rights which are enshrined in international human rights instruments, capacity-building and empowerment of women through training and educational programs, skills development for women, especially young leaders in local communities, as well as detecting, documenting and following up women's rights violations.
Lebanon - Lebanese Parliamentary Monitor [Arabic].
Lebanese Parliamentary Monitor is a website aiming to spread a culture of responsibility and transparency by monitoring information on and activities of each Lebanese Parliament Member. It also offers a space for discussing public policies and legislation that has been approved in parliament.
Lebanon - Lebanese Parliamentary Monitor [Arabic].
This observatory collects information on the actions and activities of every Lebanese parliament member in the context of his parliamentary work since the year 2005, the date of the latest elections. It also aims at establishing a platform for dialogue on public policies and laws that were approved by the current Lebanese parliament.
Occupied Palestinian Territories - Palestinian Working Women Society for Development [English][Arabic].
The Palestinian Working Women Society for Development (PWWSD) is a grassroots organization that seeks to strengthen and empower women to participate in all political, social and economic fields; ensure equality in all legislation, regulations and procedures; and put an end to the marginalization of and the violence against women.
Arab Countries - Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union [English][Arabic][French].
The Arab Inter Parliamentary Union is one of the geopolitical groups of the Inter Parliamentary Union representing the Arab region.
Arab Countries - Arab Parliamentarians Against Corruption [English][Arabic].
The Arab Region Parliamentarians Against Corruption (ARPAC) - the Arab Chapter of GOPAC - was established in Beirut in 2004 with the support of UNDP-POGAR. ARPAC's main objective is to build the capacity of members of Arab parliaments and other stakeholders to fight corruption and promote transparency and accountability in the Arab region.
Arab Countries - Symposium on Arab Parliamentary Development [English]. 2000
Held in Beirut between May 16-18, 2000 at the invitation of the Lebanese Parliament, the sponsorship of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the academic support of the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies (LCPS).
International - African Forum of Parlimantarians on Education [English].
The African Forum of Parliamentarians on Education (FAPED) purpose is to promote education policies through strengthening partnerships with civil society and actors in the cultural, social and political sectors, as well as address issues such as poverty, the environment, corruption and information and communication technologies. UNESCO’s Regional Bureau for Education in Africa in Dakar supports this initiative.
International - Asian Forum of Parliamantarians on Population and Development [English].
The Asian Forum of Parliamentarians on Population and Development (AFPPD) is a coordinating body of National Committees of Parliamentarians on Population and Development and Parliamentary Committees dealing with population and development issues working to generate support and perpetuate cooperation among Asian parliamentarians in the area of population and development, and related fields.
International - Assembly of Western European Union [English][French].
The Assembly of Western European Union focuses mainly on the European security and defence policy and the further development of the European Union’s civil and military crisis-management capabilities. It also continues to scrutinize intergovernmental cooperation in the field of armaments and armaments research and development.
International - Association of Parliaments of the French Speaking Countries [French].
International - Bridge (Development - Gender) [English].
Bridge website supporting gender advocacy and mainstreaming efforts of policymakers and practitioners by bridging the gap between theory, policy, and practice with accessible and diverse gender information. Includes sections on gender and security, budgets, citizenship and participation.
International - Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly [English].
The Council is a gathering of parliamentarians, from more than forty European countries, of all political persuasions. The statutory aim of the Council of Europe is to achieve greater unity among its members through common action, agreements and debates. The conditions for membership are pluralistic democracy, the rule of law and respect for human rights.
International - Council of Women World Leaders [English].
Website of the Council of Women World Leaders, a network of current and former women presidents and prime ministers. The council aims to promote good governance and enhance democracy globally by mobilizing the highest-level of women leaders for collective action on gender issues and equitable development. The website contains a resources section providing links to women's leadership.
International - East African Legislative Assembly [English].
The East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) is the independent Legislative arm of the East African Community.  In addition to providing a democratic forum for debate, EALA also has a watchdog function.
International - Economic Community of West African States [English][French].
The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) aims at promoting cooperation and integration with the establishment of a West African economic union as an ultimate goal. It aims at improving the living standard of the people, ensuring economic growth and strengthening relations between Member States. In order to achieve these goals, ECOWAS has set up a number of structures including the ECOWAS Parliament.
International - European Parliamentarians for Africa [English].
The European Parliaments for Africa (AWEPA) links African and European parliaments to exchange ideas and share experience and knowledge of democratic processes.  In Africa, actions are undertaken to develop human resource within parliaments and other elected representatives, build institutional capacity, and promote decentralization.
International - European Parliamentary Forum and Development [English].
The European Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development aims to disseminate information and undertake research and studies on sexual and reproductive health, population and development. It works on identifying issues of common interest in the population, sustainable development and sexual and reproductive health and rights arena in international, regional and national contexts as well as it identifies ways of working together and strengthening collaboration to raise awareness of these issues through national Parliaments, the Council of Europe, the European Parliament.
International - European Union - European Institute for Research on Mediterranean and Euro-Arab Co-operation [English][French].
The MEDEA Institute is a non-profit association under Belgian law which was created in July 1995. It started its activities in April 1996. Its objectives are: to facilitate exchanges of information and ideas between politicians, academics, journalists and concerned NGO’s; to promote independent and objective analysis; to communicate research findings to opinion and political decision makers, in particular members of the European Parliament, in order to make a substantial contribution to co-operation, development and stability in the Mediterranean region and in Euro-Arab relations in general.
International - Gender Responsive Budgeting [English].
The Gender Responsive Budgeting website is a collaborative effort between UNIFEM, the Commonwealth Secretariat and Canada's International Development Research Centre (IDRC). The website strives to support efforts of governments, women’s organizations, members of parliaments and academics to ensure that planning and budgeting effectively respond to gender equality goals. The site also provides practitioners with a variety of resources, assessments and training materials on gender responsive budgeting. Finally, it aims to promote cross-regional information-sharing on country experiences and facilitates networking and collaboration amongst countries, civil society and international organizations
International - Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption  [English][French]. 2002
The Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption (GOPAC) is a non-profit organization and an international network of parliamentarians dedicated to good governance and combating corruption through peer support throughout the world. Among the issues that this organization focuses on are: parliamentary oversight, parliamentary ethics and codes of conduct, and participation of civil society.
International - Government Accountability Office [English].
This office focuses on the U.S government's accountability through monitoring all federal programs. Its work affects the passage of legislation, and improves government operations.
International - Inter-American Parliamentary Group on Population and Development [English].
The Inter-American Parliamentary Group on Population and Development articulates human rights and gender equity principles within a broad human development agenda that includes reproductive health and rights issues and takes into consideration population variables. The IAPG works with legislators and other elected officials and decision makers across party lines to raise awareness through advocacy, information dissemination, networking, capacity building, and technical assistance.
International - International Budget Partnership - IBP [English].
Website of the International Budget Partnership IBP which aims to monitor and infleunce budget processes, institutions, and outcomes as a means to make budget systems more responsive to the needs of low-income people in developing countries. Includes publications on budgeting ranging from understanding and monitoring of budgets to budget analysis. It also contains a central theme on legislatures and budget oversight.
International - International Gender Policy Network [English].
The International Gender Policy Network (IGPN) is a non-profit, non-governmental network organization aimed at promoting gender equitable and gender sensitive public policy. It seeks to strengthen and foster the policy work impact of the woman’s movement and to ensure the sustainability of women’s movements in the Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia.
International - International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA)- Democracy and Conflict [English].
IDEA is committed to democracy-building and conflict management through identifying political factors that enhance or hinder reconciliation, supporting the creation of inclusive democratic constitutional frameworks, examining how dialogue can promote structural change, studying the role of external assistance in promoting and sustaining democracy in post-conflict or conflict-prone states. The website provides comparative knowledge and experience, and policy-relevant advice and recommendations.
International - International Ombudsman Institute [English].
Website of the International Ombudsman Institute (I.O.I.), a worldwide organization of ombudsman offices. Its members range from the public sector, independent ombudsman offices, and public human rights organizations.
International - International Relations and Security Network [English].
The International Relations and Security Network (ISN) is a free public service that provides a wide range of high-quality and comprehensive products and resources to encourage the exchange of information among international relations and security professionals worldwide. The ISN works to promote a better understanding of the strategic challenges we face in today’s changed security environment.
International - Inter-Parliamentary Forum of The Americas [English][French].
The Inter-Parliamentary Forum of the Americas (FIPA) is an independent network made up of the national legislatures of those governments who are members of the Organization of American States (OAS). FIPA members are committed to promoting parliamentary participation in the inter-American system and to developing inter-parliamentary dialogue on issues of importance to the hemisphere.
International - Inter-Parliamentary Union [English][French].
IPU, established in 1889, is the international organization of Parliaments of sovereign States.
International - Inter-Parliamentary Union - Areas of Activity [English].
Website of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) focusing on gender partnership or democracy through partnership between men and women. Includes an action plan on correcting the gender imbalance in parliaments formulated by the IPU and the World Organization of National Parliaments. The website also includes individual country data, as well as global and regional averages of representation in parliament of both women and men.
International - IPALMO Institute for Relations between Italy and Africa, Latin America and the Middle and Far East [English].
IPALMO is an institute for research and studies of international politics and economics, economic and cultural cooperation, regional integration, environmental sustainability, and relations between countries at different degrees of development.
International - Latin American Parliaments [English].
In Spanish and Portuguese only.
International - National Conference of State Legislatures [English].
NCSL provides US legislators and staffs with research, technical assistance and opportunities for policymakers to exchange ideas on the most pressing state issues.
International - National Endowment for Democracy  [English].
NED is a private, non-profit organization that aims to strengthen democratic institutions around the world through nongovernmental efforts. NED works for the development of universal democratic institutions, procedures, and values. 
International - NATO Parliamentary Assembly [English].
This is the inter-parliamentary organization of legislators from the member countries of the NATO Alliance as well as 20 Associate members.
International - Network of Women Parliamentarians in the Americas [English][French].
The Network of Women Parliamentarians of the Americas brings together the women members of the parliamentary assemblies of the Americas . The Network aims to encourage the representation and action of women in the Parliaments of the Americas as well as to foster the sharing of experience among them, and to promote solidarity among women in general.
International - Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe - Parliamentary Assembly [English].
The OSCE is a primary instrument for early warning, conflict prevention, crisis management and post-conflict rehabilitation in its area. The Parliamentary Assembly, promotes greater involvement in the OSCE by national parliaments in the participating States. The Parliamentary Assembly aims to assess the implementation of OSCE objectives by participating States; to discuss subjects addressed during meetings of the Ministerial Council and summit meetings of OSCE Heads of State or Government; to develop and promote mechanisms for the prevention and resolution of conflicts; to support the strengthening and consolidation of democratic institutions in OSCE participating States and to contribute to the development of OSCE institutional structures and of relations and co-operation between existing OSCE institutions.
International - Pan-African Parliament [English][Arabic][French].
The Pan-African Parliamnent aims to facilitate the effective implementation of the policies and objectives of the OAU/AEC and, ultimately, of the African Union. It seeks to promote the principles of human rights and democracy in Africa, encourage good governance, transparency and accountability in Member States, familiarize the peoples of Africa with the objectives and policies aimed at integrating the African continent within the framework of the establishment of the African Union, promote peace, security and stability, facilitate cooperation and development in Africa; strengthen continental solidarity.
International - Parliamentarians for Global Action [English].
PGA is a network of Members of Parliament from around the world, engaged in a range of action-oriented initiatives such as fostering democracy, conflict prevention and management, international law and human rights population, empowerment of women, and economic reform.
International - Parliamentary Assembly of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation [English].
Parliamentary Assembly of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (PABSEC) aims to secure the understanding and adoption by the people of the ideals and goals of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation; to provide a legal basis for economic, commercial, social, cultural and political cooperation among the member countries; to enact legislation needed for the implementation of decisions taken by the Heads of State or Government or by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs; to provide assistance to national parliaments so as to strengthen parliamentary democracy and to promote cooperation with other international and regional organization.
International - Parliamentary Confederation of the Americas [English][French].
COPA is an organization that brings together the congresses and parliamentary assemblies of the unitary, federal, federated and associated States, the regional parliaments and the inter parliamentary organizations of the Americas.
International - Parliamentary Network on the World Bank [English].
The Parliamentary Network on the World Bank is an informal network of individual parliamentarians founded to strengthen accountability and transparency in international financial institutions in general and in the Bank, in particular. It mobilizes parliamentarians to address global governance and poverty challenges, and promote transparency and accountability of international development.
International - Southern Development Community - Parliamentary Forum [English].
The objectives of The Southern African Development Community Parliamentary Forum (SADC PF) include the promotion of multiparty democracy, good governance, gender equality, and political stability in the region as well as respect of the rule of law, human rights, and fundamental freedoms. The Forum has taken, as well, a keen interest in election observation in its member states. Based on these observations, the Forum has developed and adopted Electoral Norms and Standards for the SADC region which serve as bench marks against which to assess the management and the conduct of elections in the region.
International - The International Budget Partnership [English]. 2003
The International Budget Partnership collaborates with civil society around the world to use budget analysis and advocacy as a tool to improve effective governance and reduce poverty
International - Transparency International - Global Coalition Against Corruption [English][French].
International - WOMANKIND Worldwide [English].
Website of WOMANKIND Worldwide, a UK based charity that works with women's organizations in 15 developing countries and has assisted women in 71 countries. The organization aims to enable women to understand their legal rights and ultimately improve their lives. It also provides assistance in securing new legislation that protects women. It also focuses on promoting women political participation.
International - Women's Campaign Forum [English].
Website of Women's Campaign Forum, a non-partisan organization dedicated to advancing the political participation and leadership of women. Includes a section on candidates resources and extensive information on how to start a career in public life.
International - Women's Centre for Democracy and Human Rights [English].
Website of Women's Centre for Democracy and Human Rights, a non-profit organization based in Subotica, Serbia, and Montenegro. The organization works towards developing a democratic society based on human rights, gender equality, and social justice. It includes sections on security and militarism, gender budgeting, and gender equality.
International - Women's Democracy Network [English][Arabic][French].
The Network seeks to enable women to take part in the democratic development of their countries and to provide training and mentoring opportunities that address the specific needs of women throughout the world.
International - Women's Environment and Development Organization [English].
Website of Women's Environment and Development Organization which was established in 1990 with the aim of advancing women's perspectives at the United Nations and others forums, as well as at the national level by holding governments accountable to their commitments. The organization works on three main themes: climate change, corporate accountability, and governance. The website also includes a library containing policy documents.
UN Agencies - Global Programme for Parliamentary Strengthening [English].
The Global Programme for Parliamentary Strengthening (GPPS) provides support to parliaments to ensure that they have the capacity, resources and necessary independence to carry out their core functions effectively.
National Non Arab - Department for International Development [English].
DFID is the part of the UK government that manages Britain's aid to poor countries and works to get rid of extreme poverty. It is led by a cabinet minister, one of the senior ministers in the government.
National Non Arab - National Federation of Women Legislators - NFWL [English].
Website of the National Federation for Women Legislators (NFWL). The foundation assists women leaders in the process of legislative debate, networking, re-election, public opinion molding, and leadership. NFWL achieves its obectives through conferences, seminars, issue education materials, and professional and personal relationships at the state and federal levels in the United States.
National Non Arab - National Women's Political Caucus - NWPC [English].
Website of the National Women's Political Caucus (NWPC), a United Sates based multi-partisan, multi-cultural grassroots organization dedicated to increasing women's political participation by providing training and funding to women candidates and supporting them at all levels in elections regardless of political affiliation. The website includes campaigning manuals and providers legislative updates concerning women in the United States.
National Non Arab - Party Funding Monitor [English].
Website of Party Funding Monitor focusing on transparency and regulation of private funding of political parties and its affect on the political process. The website's emphasis is on South Africa and South African political parties. It aims to assist researchers, journalists, and civil society in general in understanding and tracking the relationship between money and and the political process. It includes reports, papers, and studies on issues of regulation of funding, transparency and disclosure.
National Non Arab - Women Into Politics - Australia (WIP) [English].
Website of Women Into Politics - Australia (WIP), representing a coalition of women's organizations and individual women working towards dramatically increasing the numbers of women in public life. Includes a publications section containing articles on women and political reform.
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