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Lebanon - Center for Legislative Development - Lebanon Project [English].
The CLD Lebanon Center, part of the State University of New York's University at Albany, has been working since 1970 to help strengthen legislatures around the world. The CLD's Lebanon project provides assistance to the Lebanese municipalities, the Parliament, the oversight agencies, and the regional and district government bodies to simplify and facilitate bureaucratic procedures.
Lebanon - Lebanon – Journal of Parliamentary Life [Arabic]. 2006
The Journal includes studies, minutes, reports, legal documents and texts, in addition to questioning parliamentary of the government.
Lebanon - Lebanon – Parliamentary Bulletins [Arabic].
Lebanon - Lebanon – Parliamentary Life Journal [Arabic]. 2004
This journal includes studies, enlightened opinions, minutes, reports and documents, in addition to questions directed to the government.
Occupied Palestinian Territories - Aman - Transparency Palestine [English][Arabic].
The Coalition for Accountability and Integrity-AMAN, is a coalition of six Palestinian NGO’s, namely: The Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy “MIFTAH”, Arab Thought Forum “ATF”, The Palestine Trade Center “PalTrade”, The Palestinian Institute for the Study of Democracy “MUWATIN”, and Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights, The Palestinian Council on Foreign Relations. The coalition, which acts as Transparency Palestine, aims at combating corruption in the Palestinian society, and achieving the widest participation in its implementation. Among its many interests, Aman has focused on the role of political parties and political party legislation, through conducting workshops and publishing related material on this topic.
International - Bonn International Center for Conversion [English].
BICC is dedicated to promoting peace and development through the efficient and effective transformation of military-related structures, assets, functions and processes.
International - Center for Civil Military Relations [English].
The Center (CCMR) provides graduate level education to foreign civilian and military participants. It is dedicated to strengthening democratic civil-military relationships and assisting other nations in making integrated defense decisions.
International - Center for Legislative Development [English].
The Center for Legislative Development performs its mission through a program that includes research and writing on democratization issues, assessments of legislative needs, the design of parliamentary capacity-building programs, and by evaluating results.
International - Center on Budget and Policy Priorities [English].
A US-based center that works at the federal and state levels on fiscal policy and public programs and sponsors the International Budget Project.
International - Centre for Advancement of Women in Politics - CAWP [English].
Centre for Advacement of Wome in Politics (CAWP), established in 2000 and based in the School of Politics, International Studies and Philosophy at Queen's University Belfast. The centre aims to foster an appreciation of women's contributions to politics, government, and public decision making in the UK and Ireland. The website includes research on women's political participation and representation, public attitudes to women in politics, and women in parliament.
International - Cranfield University Security Sector Reform Online [English].
The Cranfield Centre for Security Sector Management, homed at the Cranfield University (UK) is dedicated to promoting the development and effective management of security sectors for enhanced peace and security. Among the main focus areas are security sector management, national security policy, and role of armed forces in security sector reform.
International - Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces [English].
The centre (DCAF) promotes good governance and reform of the security sector through working with governments and civil society to foster and strengthen the democratic and civilian control of security sector organizations. One of DCAF's focus areas is strengthening parliamentary oversight of the security sector
International - Global Centre for Information and Communication Technologies in Parliament [English].
The Global Centre for Information and Communication Technologies in Parliament is a joint initiative of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA), the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) and a group of national and regional parliaments launched in November 2005 on the occasion of the World Summit of the Information Society (WSIS) in Tunis. It aims to strengthen the role of parliaments in the promotion of the Information Society, through fostering ICT-related legislation and to promote the use of ICT as a means to modernize parliamentary processes, increase transparency, accountability and participation, and improve inter-parliamentary cooperation.
International - Henry L. Stimson Center [English].
The Henry L. Stimson Center is mainly concerned with enhancing international peace and security. Among the main fields of interest are reducing the threat of weapons of mass destruction, building regional security and strengthening institutions for international peace and security.
International - International Crisis Group [English].
The International Crisis Group aims at promoting conflict prevention through field research, and the production of analytical reports containing practical recommendations targeted at key international decision-takers.
International - International Women's Democracy Center [English].
Website of the International Women's Democracy Center established in 1995 to strengthen women's global leadership with a particular focus on increasing participation of women in policy, politics, and decision making within their own governments. It includes a time-line of women's suffrage and a fact sheet of women in politics.
International - Parliamentary Center of Canada [English][French].
An independent non-profit organization with a mandate to support the House of Commons and the Senate of Canada in the fields of international relations and trade. The Center has undertaken parliamentary development programs in Russia, South East Asia, Africa and the Middle East.
International - The World of Parliaments: Quarterly Review of the Inter-Parliamentary Union [English][French]. 2006
The Review, which replaces the IPU Bulletin, serves as a vehicle for the proposals of its member parliaments with respect to international cooperation and matters that directly concern the citizenry. Some of its features are an interview with a Presiding Officer of Parliament, a substantive article on IPU's activities, interviews, and an item on parliamentary developments in the world.
International - Westminster Foundation for Democracy [English][Arabic][French].
A United Kingdom democracy-building foundation that funds projects around the world which are aimed at building and strengthening pluralist democracies, such as: Political parties, Parliaments or other representative institutions, Legal reform, Human rights groups, Independent Media, Women’s organizations and projects, Other political non-governmental organizations, Election systems or administration and Trades Unions.
International - Women & Politics Institute/American University [English].
Website of Women & Politics Institute of the School of Public Affairs at the American University. The institute provides academic training to young women that encourages them to become involved in the political process. It includes research on lawmaking, and women's representation and participation aiming to deepen women's understanding of the political arena.
International - Women in Public Policy Program - WAPPP [English].
Website of the Women in Public Policy Program (WAPPP) of the Harvard Kennedy School. The program has four main areas of focus: gender in decision-making and negotiation, gender and policy, women and politics, and gender and security. The website includes research on the four programme areas.
International - World Legal Information Institute [English].
Provides Free, independent and non-profit access to worldwide law, WorldLII started in December 2001. WorldLII is a cooperative development by the Legal Information Institutes (LIIs) around the world and currently provides combined access to all the Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII), the British and Irish Legal Information Institute (BAILII), the Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII), the Pacific Islands Legal Information Institute (PacLII), and the Hong Kong Legal Information Institute (HKLII) data as well as data provided by WITS in South Africa.
International - York Centre for International and Security Studies [English].
The Centre for International and Security Studies is a research unit of York University dedicated to the study of international peace and security issues. Some of the main research areas of the center are: civil society and governance; critical security studies; militarism and the use of force; and regional politics and conflict.
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