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You can conduct search in:

  • POGAR Resources and Publications (regularly updated database, English)
  • POGAR Website - English (comprehensive search through Google)
  • Arab laws and institutions:
  • Country official institutions:
  • Country legal documents:
  • Selected Statistics/Indicators:
  • Search Arab parliamentary, banking and financial oversight legislation

Google Search:
You can use the same query format used by Google (+ sign to include, - to exclude, quotes around a phrase .. etc). For example, if you want the results to contain the phrase "good governance" and the word 'Jordan' and not contain the word 'gender' you would use: +"good governance" +jordan -gender

Navigation and Browsing Tips

The website of UNDP-POGAR can be navigated easily without the need for a search. The site structure is the same in both English and Arabic. The main page provides general themes on the left, while the top of the page provides some general links (upper header) and related information to the general themes along with Arab cuntries (lower part of the header). If this is your first time here, please have a look at the main page as it is the best place to start.

The left menu and lower header are usually dynamic and related. The lower header provides activities, publications, web links, statistics, governance news and other possible information related to the current theme and/or selected country. The main title provides a linked structured topical hierarchy for easy reference.

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