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Lebanon - Fourth Conference of the Arab Anti-Corruption and Integrity Network “Reconciling Hopes with Realities in the Fight against Corruption: Paving the Way for Innovation” (Sunday, April 14)
Under the patronage of H.E the Prime Minister of the Republic of Lebanon, ACINET is organizing its fourth conference entitled “Reconciling Hopes with Realities in the Fight against Corruption: Paving the Way for Innovation” in Beirut on 14-16 April, with the joint support of the Ministry of Justice and the United Nations Development Programme, and in cooperation with a group of partner organizations. The Conference is held at the ministerial level and will be attended by anti-corruption leaders from across the region and high-level representatives of active governmental and non-governmental bodies, in addition to distinguished experts and representatives of regional and international organizations and partner countries.
The conference will provide participants with a unique opportunity to review their anti-corruption efforts and explore ways to reinforce them by sharing experiences and expertise and learning more about the most recent developments at the global level in this field. Discussions are expected to support participants in finding innovative solutions that enable them to further progress in strengthening transparency, accountability and integrity and reducing corruption opportunities with a view to reinforcing their countries' ability to respond to citizens' aspirations and the requirements of sustainable development and social justice.
On the side of the conference, ACINET will hold the fourth General Meeting of its members, preceded by the second General Session of its Non-Governmental Group. At their conclusions, ACINET will adopt its progress report for the period, which was chaired by the Kingdom of Morocco, and will identify its priority areas of work for the period of which will be chaired by the Republic of Lebanon.


International - Jakarta Statement on Principles for Anti-Corruption Agencies (Wednesday, November 28)
On 26-27 November, current and former heads of anti-corruption agencies (ACAs), anti-corruption
practitioners and experts from around the world gathered in Jakarta at the invitation of the Corruption
Eradication Commission (KPK) Indonesia, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the
United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) to discuss a set of “Principles for Anti-Corruption
Agencies” to promote and strengthen the independence and effectiveness of ACAs.
[The paper may be accessed at this link]


Tunisia - First Meeting of the Higher Council for the Fight Against Corruption and the Recovery of State Assets (Tuesday, October 30)
The first meeting of the Higher Council for the Fight Against Corruption and the Recovery of State Assetswas held on 30 October in Tunis, under the chairmanship of Caretaker Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali. Created by virtue of the decree n°1425 of August 31, this council aims to avoid the dispersion of the works of the commissions and authorities in charge of recovering the stolen assets and properties and in charge of the fight against corruption. The Council is specifically entrusted with suggesting legal mechanisms to facilitate the works of the related commissions and authorities and providing recommendations to improve the handling of confiscated state assests and properties and investing them in the development of the country.
[The paper may be accessed at this link]


International - The Role of Financial Intelligence Units in Fighting Corruption and Recovering Stolen Assets (Thursday, October 04)
Effective anti-money laundering systems have the potential to pose a significant barrier to the possibility of perpetrators of corruption-related offences enjoying the proceeds of corruption, or indeed laundering the bribe itself. Financial Intelligence Units are an important element in this regard particularly in the early, pre-investigative or intelligence gathering stage, where they act as an interface between the private sector and law enforcement agencies, assisting with the flow of relevant financial information.
[The paper may be accessed at this link]


Arab Countries - Job vacancy at Transparency International (Thursday, August 30)
TI-Secretariat is looking for a Regional Programme Manager for the Middle East and North Africa Department.
Application Closing Date - 30 Aug
Job Start Date - 01 Oct
Duration - 2 years with the possibility of extension
Location - Berlin, TI Secretariat

To apply the advertisement is posted on


International - The International Anti-Corruption Conference IACC has launched the opportunity for young journalists to apply and attend (Wednesday, August 22)
The call for Young Journalists from the MENA region has been uploaded to the website now – please find it.
Journalists will be asked to apply through the online
[The paper may be accessed at this link]


International - Principles for Anti-Corruption Agencies: a Game Changer (Wednesday, August 01)
Over the past 60 years, almost 150 specialised anti-corruption agencies (ACAs) have been established all around the world. Nearly every country nowadays has an ACA. Some, such as the Hong Kong Independent Commission against Corruption, have been hailed as successes, whereas others have been dismissed as failures in the fight against corruption. This article reviews their achievements and failures. It argues that their ‘operational independence’ is the quintessential requirement for effectiveness and success. It proposes a set of twelve principles to ensure their independence from government and a mechanism to monitor compliance, analagous to the international experience with national human rights institutions (NHRIs).
[The paper may be accessed at this link]


International - The registration has opened to the 15th International Anti-Corruption Conference (Wednesday, July 11)
This year’s conference will support and connect people who want to change the rules of the game
People are devising new ways to push for greater transparency and accountability, and are standing up to ultimately achieve greater social justice.

[The paper may be accessed at this link]


Morocco - Anti-Corruption: suggestions from the Moroccan Prime Minister (Thursday, July 05)
Morocco’s prime minister reveals the three pillars of his vision for anti-corruption: strengthening the judicial and regulatory framework, strengthening control mechanisms to enable the Central Authority for Corruption Prevention to better exercise its investigative role and expanding the mandate of the Competition Council.
[The paper may be accessed at this link]


International - Transparency International launches its Annual Report (Thursday, July 05)

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